DotNetNuke – Best CMS for Dot Net Market

In the recent years, DotNetNuke (DNN) has emerged as the most popular Web Content Management System (CMS). CMS has successfully created a niche for itself in Dot Net market. This system is used by millions of companies and websites around the world. Now the obvious question that comes up is what makes Content Management Systems so popular? Well, the answer is very simple it is easy to install and is very user-friendly.

DotNetNuke is a very powerful application which allows you to manage multiple websites. Administrators find it very versatile as they can virtually manage the unlimited number of websites. Compared to its competitors CMS comes with latest features and more friendly options which gives it an edge over its competitors. You can almost manage everything with the help of this software; from designing to web hosting, membership option and security. The versatility this software provides is amazing and users love application which makes the task trouble-free and time-saving so DotNetNuke scores very high on this.

DNN (DotNetNuke) one of the world’s largest open-source web application frameworks utilizing Microsoft’s ASP.NET has paved the way for clients to manage information on their Web sites, intranets, and extranets. With a growing community of registered users, DNN is ideal for creating good and commercial websites, online publishing portals, corporate intranets and extranets and custom vertical applications. The software is obtainable free-of-charge with the condition of giving credit back to the DotNetNuke project community and is easily installed and hosted.


A DotNetNuke-based site’s look and feel are controlled through HTML created skins. Easy customizable and easy to change a site’s appearance by changing skins whenever needed.

Time-saving with DotNetNuke:

DotNetNuke is sustained by a large installed base and good support. DNN is a good way building a web application. The architecture of DNN helps to take advantage of third-party add-ons or to build customized website application.

Emphasis on Security:

The built-in security administration pages ensure user-control by directing who can view and edit resources. It is possible to design secure areas that are only available to certain users.

DNN and Outsourcing:

There are numerous Indian Web Development company serving the global DotNetNuke community by offering premium quality DNN modules and DNN skins. Outsourcing IT related services to an offshore center leads to significant cost savings bringing in more value addition, without compromising on quality. India with its large pool of engineers with sound technical skills offers an ideal offshore destination for DNN development. Protection Status Registered & Protected