Navabrind Solutions is a AWS cloud consulting company with experienced engineers of great knowledge and expertise to architect, deliver, and manage an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment that fits your unique needs. Cloud computing can be a difficult technology to envision and the same solution doesn’t work for every agency. We understands the challenges involved with implementing a cloud solution.

Instance Types, Amazon Machine Images (AMI), Finding the right AMI, Launching an instance - How to choose the right instance type, Security via Key Pairs, Working with the Security Group, Assigning Elastic IPs, Logging into the instance, Choosing the right AMI, Creating your own AMI, Deciding what goes into an AMI

Creating and deleting volumes, Attaching and detaching volumes, Mounting and Unmounting the attached volume, Creating snapshots, Creating the ELB, Health Checks, Installing the SSL, Load Balancing with EC2

Setting up Amazon SES, Verifying Email Addresses and Domains, Authorizing Amazon SES Sending From Your Domain, Requesting Production AccessCreating and deleting buckets, Adding objects to buckets, Getting objects, Deleting objects, Bucket Permissions / Versioning, IAM Console and Sign in, Identities ( User,Group,Roles), Security Credentials, Permissions and policies

Selecting the Engine, Configuring the Database Engine, Creating your Database, Setting up automatic backups, Authorizing access to the DB via DB Security Groups, Registering Domain Names, Configuring Amazon Route 53 as Your DNS Service, Working with Public/Private Hosted Zones, Working with Resource Record Sets, Using Traffic Flow to Route DNS Traffic, Health Checks and DNS Failover

Extensive Experience in following AWS Services

Amazon Cloud Hosting Services

Amazon Cloud Hosting is based on the most innovative cloud computing technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system. The advent of AWS cloud computing has made the lives of most small and medium businesses simpler. Amazon cloud hosting is a step up from the shared, virtual private or dedicated hosting systems that are used today. Cloud Hosting and internet, together terrific partnership which can help businesses not only increase their productivity but also help them cut down on the expenditure. With AWS cloud services your website doesn’t rely on just one server, but rather a cluster of servers that work together, termed as the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that runs virtualized computing resources for large scale, decentralized deployment of a service. AWS provides a cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-use and scalable cloud computing platform. If you want to do things such as store content in the cloud, build a static website, deploy a web application, run data-and compute-intensive workloads, or build dependable backup solutions, the AWS managed service provider provides you the flexibility you need regardless of your use case or industry.

AWS migration consulting

We do AWS migration consulting which helps you securely migrate to the cloud. Our Amazon web services consultant provide architectural and technical direction in the selection of appropriate cloud solutions, as well as professional services for installation, configuration and support. By using AWS cloud services, your agency can reduce costs, improve delivery of the service and increase productivity across your entire organization.

Why choose Navabrind for AWS cloud services?

The following are the reasons to choose us as your AWS consulting partner,

  • 24×7 availability monitoring and attending to issues
  • Server performance analysis and optimization
  • Daily backups and restore from backups in case of any issues
  • Attending the service requests
  • Server Upgrades
  • Effective implementation support
  • Experienced in AWS managed services

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