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Some of the most exciting and beneficial developments in the HTML5 language can be found in new additions to HTML5 forms. HTML5 maintains all of the old input types found in previous HTML versions and adds an array of common ones to simplify the programmer experience.

New HTML5 input types include such as Color, email, date, datetime, search, datetime- local, month, range, tel, time, URL, number, and week.

Instead of developing longer strings to facilitate text fields or checkboxes within Web pages, now there are implemented input shortcuts. An email input with HTML5 forms would appear as input type=”email” name=”email” by using this code we will reduce the client end script code. HTML5 language easily understands how email works, so validation will do automatically and it will accept only valid email address.

With the advent of HTML5, software application development landscape is to witness substantial transformation. A combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 is an excellent platform for application development that would provide great user experience. It’s acceptance by almost all technology giants owing to its widespread capabilities has made HTML5 the most sought after web programming languages.

Uses of HTML5 Forms:

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Saves time in writing client-side script code by hand
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Makes Web platforms more responsive
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Top cross-platform and mobile compatibility.

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