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What is GROEIM ?:

GROEIM – Grow with Email Intelligent Marketing is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon simple Email Service(SES). This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability.

GROEIM is a self hosted application that runs on your web server. Pay once and it’s yours, there’s no recurring fee.

Requirements are given below:
You need an Apache server running a Unix like operating system (eg. Linux) with PHP & MySQL support. Almost all hosting companies support them.

Advantages of GROEIM:

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Easy to Set-up and get started
You can easily set-up with help of our GROEIM – Email Marketing one click hosting solution. You just need to have a license of (AWS) for your domain name and all you need is to place order for your Plan.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889It is White-label email marketing solution
With the License for your own domain name, it enables you to configure own optimized server with your root domain or sub-domain. This enables you to host complete white-label email marketing solution for your business on your own domain name. Having this feature, the customer who receive emails from your end, also feels safe on clicking the outgoing links of the email.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889It is compatible with Amazon SES and Mandrill
Here is one more advantage with our application, like other application which enables you to use inhouse STMP servers to send outgoing emails. This enables you to configure Amazon SES / Mandrill as their primary email sending service. Since, Amazon SES and Mandrill are pioneer in providing SMTP services, and, we also have compatibility with both, they act as great delivery expert for the emails which are sent out from our application.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889GROEIM has all the required Email Marketing features
Now, having mentioned all the reasons why our application completes whole loop of WordPress and Email Marketing solution, I must mention here about the Email Marketing features with our application. For the purpose of email marketing and sending regular newsletters to the subscribers, our application has feature of email list, list management, email campaigns, campaign reports, templates and so on.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Multiple WordPress plugins available for GROEIM
GROEIM has many WordPress compatible plugins available for free.
With our WordPress, you can easily drag and drop forms that you have created in your account into your WordPress blog, without having to log into your GROEIM account or copy and paste anything. All you need is an GROEIM account.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Resonable Price
Some say the cheapest option isn’t always the best value. What they may have failed to understand is that GROEIM is an app that you host yourself and that it uses Amazon’s sophisticated email infrastructure built over the years to serve its own large-scale customer base.

Features you’ll get from GROEIM:

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Multiple Brand
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Lists & subscribers
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Send newsletters via Amazon SES
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Beautiful reports
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Automatic bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Custom fields
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Auto responders
stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Give your client access

GROEIM Branding for your Email Marketing:

Are you ready to get started with email marketing and use it our GROEIM branding to grow your business.

1) Consistent Responsive Sign Up Form Templates:

You’re just a few clicks away from creating beautiful sign up forms that get results.


2) Branded Landing Page:

Whether it’s a sign up page or the unsubscribe page, ensure that the experience is consistent throughout for consumers


3) High sending speed:

Our hosted Servers are designed to send emails at high speed to Amazon SES servers


4) 24/7 Professional Support & 99.9% Mailbox Delivery:

24/7 Email support available for installation, SMTP integration and any issue resolution


5) Amazing Email Delivery Tracking

Get detailed reports in real time to track outgoing & opened emails & improve your news letter campaign.


6) Flexible service plans with very reasonable prices:

Choose among a wide range of monthly and pay as you go plans based on the number of sent emails.


7) Managed hosting & High end security:

Managed our hosting is deployed in cloud and we ensure that your data is safe & secure. We also take backup of all the files on weekly basis to prevent your from any accidental data loss.


8) A Branded Preview Pane:


9) Detailed Campaign Reports:

Get detail report of all opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts & data of sent email campaign easily. Track subscriber activity with interactive campaign report.


10) Multiple Autoresponders:

Get independence to add autoresponders for your marketing campaigns. Use drip email campaigns to keep your subscribers engaged and send important reminders on time.


11) Performance Tracking and analytics:

Grow your business with our GROEIM


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