Ease ERP In HR Industry

Hiring, training, assessing, and managing today’s workforce are all key to business growth and success. Human resource (HR) departments are responsible for monitoring and tracking employee performance and compliance throughout their work life cycle.

Human Resource management with Ease ERP that gives you intuitive tools, plus role-based, personalized dashboards and key performance indicators targeted to the specific jobs that people do. This can make their jobs easier and gives you immediate, clear, and controlled visibility into the info you need most.

Ease ERP can Create fixed and variable compensation plans, which grade, band, and step compensation structures. You can even initiate a pay-for-performance structure and compensate employees based on personal and organizational performance goals, all within one solution.

Advantages of using the Ease ERP system In HR Industry :

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Automated processes that free up management

A large function of HR, as with many other business processes, is data entry and reporting. If you are trying to develop reports without an integrated Ease ERP , you probably need to pull data from numerous sources which takes time. This is time that can probably be better spent on more relevant tasks.

An Ease ERP data, once set up, will be more accessible. This simultaneously makes it easier to enter and pull data together into reports. And because large parts of daily tasks can be automated, you can ensure that what you need to complete is actually achieved.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Enhanced sharing of information and collaboration

Because HR is a central function of any business, data related to HR needs to eventually be shared with other teams or departments. Without Ease ERP this likely means you will need to ask different people to share their data and then compile it into a useable format.

With Ease ERP for HR, data is stored in a central location, or brought together to a central location, which means that data from different sources can be shared faster and easier. This also ensures that the right data is shared, thus enhancing overall outcomes and making it simpler for other teams to work together.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Management gains a clearer picture of HR

It can be tough to gain a short-term picture of your employee resources, especially when it comes to identifying potential resource shortfalls (e.g., double-booked holidays, employees who are constantly late, etc.) and where improvements can be made. For example, in most modules you can track overtime hours of employees, and receive alerts when overtime is past a certain threshold.

If you spot that one department is consistently banking extended overtime hours, you can move quickly to address this with Ease ERP.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Data is kept up-to-date

HR systems usually involve data from various locations. This means that there is always a chance of duplicate or incorrect information. A Ease ERP can help ensure that the data is not only correct, but also not duplicated, which can in turn speed up decision-making and enable better decisions to be made.

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Reduced licensing expenses

Without Ease ERP, your HR team could need five or more systems in order to keep track of everything. Each of these systems will need to be licensed, which can often be a serious investment on your behalf, not to mention the costs of setting up and maintaining these systems.

Because HR Ease ERP offer an integrated solution, you pay for one license to cover all of your needs. This reduces overall expenses while also making it easier to budget and maintain.

Ease ERP Key HR Functions:


Why Ease ERP In HR Industry?:

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Personal details and emergency contact information

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Holiday, sickness and absence history

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Employment, contract, job and salary details

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Discipline and grievance records

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Performance appraisal records

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Exit interviews and employment termination

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Current and historical data

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Retain similar information on all employees

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Interchangeable screen grid or table view

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Company multi-site layering facility

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Interchangeable record view

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Multi-tier departmental layering facility

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Interchangeable employee or department view

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Expandable department onscreen view

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Create company reports on staff data

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Print company and individual employee reports

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Export reports to PDF

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889Instant search facility for employees by name

stock-photo-tick-mark-2920889and much more

Basic Structure of Ease ERP In HR Industry:


Flow chart of Ease ERP in HR Industry: